Are you Procrastinating from your Dreams?

I’m taking  a short break from my Creative Challenges this week. Instead, I wanted to share three awesome videos which have been inspiring me lately. Instead of writing  a post I decided to record a video – enjoy the craziness that is me…

The Procrastinating part is in the next video down – keep scrolling.

(It is […]

Protected: The Answer to Creative Challenge Week 10’s Riddle

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Creative Challenge Week 12: Stories of the Colour Green

Normal Brain: Ewww Green really?

Creative Brain: Yeah, Why not? It’s as good as any other colour?

Normal Brain: But Green always makes me think of sickly or gross stuff.

Creative Brain: Okay, but what about Green Grass in the light, misty rain?

Normal Brain: I answer that with Baby Poo. I rest my case.

Creative Brain: Oh, but fresh […]